Trisomy 20p


Is there a treatment(s) for trisomy 20p?

Unfortunately, trisomy 20p cannot be cured. However, the symptoms of the condition can sometimes be treated. For example, a child with a heart problem can have surgery.. Therapies such as speech therapy and physical therapy may also help address some of the symptoms of trisomy 20p.

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Are there other organ specific treatments/symptoms for trisomy 20p?

Are there other organ specific treatments/symptoms for trisomy 20p?

Many symptoms of trisomy 20p can be treated. For example, a child may need a heart or kidney problem fixed soon after they are born. This can be done with surgery. People with a curved spine, called scoliosis or kyphosis, may need treatment throughout life. This could include braces or surgery. Children with trisomy 20p can benefit from speech and physical therapy. This can help them reach milestones, such as speaking and walking, faster than they would on their own. People with trisomy 20p may also need to be in special classes due to intellectual disability.

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