Bifid nose


What is bifid nose?

A bifid nose is a rare birth defect in which the nose is divided into two separate parts. The extent to which the nose is affected can be very different from one person to the next. In its mildest form, there is a small, minimally noticeable groove at the tip of the nose. In the most severe form, the bones and cartilage of the nose are completely divided, resulting in two half noses. Bifid nose is seen fairly often with widely spaced eyes and cleft lip/palate (an opening in the lip and or roof of the mouth). Sometimes a bifid nose is the only difference in development or birth defect in a person. Other times a bifid nose can be part of a condition that includes multiple differences in growth and function such as the fusion of both halves of the brain.

Bifid nose can appear for the first time in a person or be passed from one generation to the next based on the inheritance of one or more gene changes (mutations).

Patients with a bifid nose are encouraged to seek medical services through a specialized craniofacial clinic. Craniofacial clinics specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of patients with a face and skull differences like a bifid nose. The following organizations provide a list of craniofacial clinics throughout the world on their websites:

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Are there other names for bifid nose?

Are there other names for bifid nose?

Bifid nose may also be called:

  • median nasal cleft
  • median fissure of the nose
  • double nose
  • cleft nose
  • nasal cleft

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