Alzheimer disease


Are there good support groups for Alzheimer Disease?

There are good support groups for people with Alzheimer Disease and for the people that care for them. Alzheimer's Association is a wonderful resource that has information for those who are affected, their children, caregivers, and every member of the family in between. They also have local events in certain areas. Visit for more information.

Another great resource is the National Institute of Health Alzheimer Disease Education and Referral Center. Visit to learn more.

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Where do I find other people with Alzheimer Disease?

Where do I find other people with Alzheimer Disease?

Other people with Alzheimer Disease can be found through online support groups. These groups can also help people connect with other caregivers.

Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center

Alzheimer's Association

You can also ask your neurologist or other healthcare providers to put you in contact with other families who have Alzheimer Disease who live in your area.

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