Are there Centers for Excellence for treating acromegaly?

Substantial amounts of medical literature recommend the development and validation process for Pituitary Centers of Excellence across the United States. At the time of this writing, October, 2016, there is not a list of COEs available However, the information below is what is recommended to be available at these soon to be established Pituitary COEs.

Pituitary Centers of Excellence (COE) across the United States. The Centers must be able to 1) provide comprehensive, state of the art care to those with pituitary disorders, 2) provide training and education regarding pituitary and neuroendocrine management for both physicians and general public, and 3) contribute to research in management of pituitary disorders.

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What doctors do I need to see if I have acromegaly?

What doctors do I need to see if I have acromegaly?

Those with acromegaly will need to be closely followed by an endocrinologist. These are doctors that specialize in hormone levels. Additionally, if surgery is indicated a neurosurgeon (someone who does brain surgery) will need to be consulted. Interventional radiology and radiation oncology are also needed if radiation treatments would be required. In general, a multidisciplinary team between several different areas of medicine.

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