Digitally transforming the undiagnosed patient identification market for rare and genetic conditions

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ThinkGenetic's goal is to speed time to diagnosis for genetic and rare conditions and reduce the chances of diagnostic error - two things that can make a significant difference for millions of people around the world. ThinkGenetic utilizes Natural Language Processing, statistical modeling, and proprietary algorithms to identify individuals at-risk of having a genetic disease. The ThinkGenetic experts have developed two validated solutions to identify at-risk patients: one through electronic health records, FindEHR, and the consumer-focused tool, SymptomMatcher.

Our validated products are sensitive and specific enough to flag patients at increased risk to have a genetic diagnosis and include targeted information to educate providers quickly and efficiently about available sponsored testing, enrolling clinical trials, referral to genetics, and FDA approved treatments. De-identified, HIPAA-compliant, summary data can then be shared with our pharma clients to supplement their sales and marketing efforts while benefiting the patients and assisting their clinicians to explore possible genetic diagnoses.

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WORLDSymposium 2023

WORLDSymposium 2023

Published 02/08/2023

Chief Genetic Officer Dawn Laney to participate in Symposia panel on Phenotypic Variability for LSD. Learn More

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